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About me

I have been drawing since I was a young girl. Drawing has been useful for many things: to depict unbearable feelings, to endure long waits, to quickly express something that would require many words, to offer something "of my own", to make others laugh or laugh alone at situations that are really sad, to understand difficult texts, to circulate ideas in small format ... in short, I could say that being able to draw has made my life more pleasant.

I was born in Santiago de Chile in 1969. I am a psychologist, I trained as a psychoanalyst in the Chilean Psychoanalytic Association (APCH), I work in clinical psychology since 1999 and I am a mother of three children.

This page is the beginning of a project that seeks to share depictions in images of authors and topics that interest me such as psychoanalysis, feminism and some issues of daily life with others.

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