• Freudian dreams

    Illustrations of twelve dreams published by Freud in postcard format. Drawing dreams is retelling them through the image, which is actually the original language of dreams.

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  • The Psychoanalysts

    Psychoanalysts often work beyond their consultations. In addition to intellectual work through speech and writing, there are psychoanalysts who seek other ways of learning and knowledge: there are some who act in plays, others who write stories or play instruments, others who draw, and also some who think or create stories while climbing mountains.

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  • The Foucault Ships

    Illustration in four naves of the relationship of the western world with the madness developed by Michel Foucault in his essay "History of Madness in the Classical Age" published in 1964. The images are accompanied by excerpts from the book "Cartas desde la Casa de Orates".

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    The Case of Elizabeth Von R.

    In "Studies on Hysteria" of 1895, Freud exposes the case of his patient Elizabeth Von R., a 24-year-old girl who had been in pain for two years with painful legs and fatigue.

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    The Wolf Man

    The case of the Wolf Man is found in the "History of a Child Neurosis", written by Freud in 1914.

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